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List of reference rooms at Luxury Hotel


Restaurant, swimming pool, event center, bar, spa ... at Luxury Hotel

Luxury Hotel Restaurant

Luxury Hotel Restaurant will bring you an unforgettable Vietnamese food experience, while enjoying the cuisine mixed with the beauty of nature and the refreshing atmosphere of the tropical region. From simple to delicate, these eye-decorated dishes stimulate your taste.

Event Center

Luxury Hotel specializes in the needs of conferences, seminars, events and catering to the needs of your guests. With a capacity of up to 90 people, the Luxury Hotel Event Center is a large-scale facility, equipped with specialized equipment such as screens


In front of the beach and next to the pool, you can relax and explore the paradise island, with light snacks accompanied by a unique collection of wines and spirits for you to enjoy. a day to choose. Bar is the perfect place to meet friends and share memorable experiences during the holidays.


Luxury Hotel will give you special treatments for both physical and mental. We bring you the perfect experience, make you feel young, energized and above all we will bring you a great relaxing feeling.

Swimming pool

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